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ALPHAMINDED is looking for a frontend web developer who loves their phone and mobile interfaces. You’ll be responsible mainly for developing responsive interfaces from mock-ups but have the opportunity to expand and do so much more.


You make the web and apps work. You have a sophisticated understanding of how the web is delivered; minifying and combining your CSS and JavaScript files is just part of creating a website or web application. The benefits of using AJAX in specific situations are self-evident. You understand the benefits of the MVC style, and the dangers of premature optimization. Data is data; you’re equally comfortable connecting to MySQL and the Twitter API. You understand how to optimize your data queries and how to test the performance of the code you write. Error and exception handling code is carefully considered and well tested, because sometimes the database isn’t available or Twitter’s API is down.


Culture & Perks

We have a culture where everyone joins in to help each other out and each team member pushes the other forward to meet their high-achieving goals. Our team works with the latest and greatest tools & technologies. The web and mobile space moves fast and so do the tools.

We believe in building amazing experiences through creative thinking and problem solving in a value-based environment. The ideas you have and the execution of those ideas are what defines your position on the team. Everyone shapes the choices that are made, and has the responsibility to make sure they are the right choices.


We offer team members the opportunity to build with the latest tech on a broad range of projects while taking advantage of our flexible schedule which allows them to work the hours they need to get their job done (within reason). We're not looking for the typical startup 60-80 hour work week every week.


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